How To Use Delta 8

Delta 8, or degraded THC as it is sometimes referred to, can be used in a variety of ways. It can be smoked, vaped, mix it with another ingredient of your choice, or even put in edibles. Today we’ll talk about the benefits of each, so let’s get straight to it:


Smoking is undoubtedly the most popular way to use any THC derivative, Delta 8 included. It’s often mixed with tobacco to make the hits a bit weaker; however, due to the fact that Delta 8 is not as strong or as potent as Delta 9 (pure THC), most people forego mixing it with cigarettes.

Aside from rolling it in a paper, Delta 8 can be distilled and smoked from a heated glass (bong). The main benefit of using Delta 8 this way is a stronger ‘high’ while the most obvious drawback is lung irritation, especially for non-smokers.

The strong smell of Delta 8 smoke is also fairly hard to get rid of (and is distinct and easy to recognize), which is what may dissuade you from opting for this method.


Vaping succeeds where smoking fails – inhaling the vapors of Delta 8 is in many ways healthier as opposed to directly smoking it. First and foremost, the vape clouds disperse in mere minutes whereas Delta 8 smoke may last for hours at a time.

Additionally, most vaping gadgets are specifically designed to aromatize the vapors, providing a more pleasant experience for the person using Delta 8. Further at that point, most people who can’t stand tobacco (or THC) smoke don’t seem to mind flavored vapors, which is what makes vaping Delta 8 a bit more socially acceptable.


If you have a sensitive pair of pipes and don’t feel too comfortable with inhaling any sort of vapors or smoke, mixing Delta 8 with plants may be a perfect solution for you. This way of using Delta 8 opens up numerous doors of possibilities, as you will be able to brew teas, drinks, or even tasty dishes.

The biggest benefit of mixing Delta 8 with another ingredient is that you’ll reap the benefits of degraded THC without actually ‘feeling’ it. As mentioned earlier, Delta 8 is much weaker than regular THC, and nearly any kind of plant or food will absorb its smell and taste when used in sufficient quantity.

Additionally, you will not have to worry about any kind of smoke, vapors, or smell, which makes this way of using Delta 8 perfect for beginners.


Edibles are pre-crafted treats that feature a precisely measured dose of Delta 8 and compatible foods. The most popular THC dish that contains Delta 8 is ‘hash brownies’ – chocolate cookies packed with a hint of Delta.

As opposed to mixing Delta 8 with an ingredient of your choice, consuming it via edibles is different in the sense that companies that manufactured Delta 8 edibles typically use advanced cooking technologies; this results in a better texture, an improved flavor, and adequate quantities of degraded THC.

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