Glass Pipes: Different Types and Their Key Features

glass pipes

Glass Pipes Smoking is a habit that dates back to centuries ago and has been used for many purposes – including for health and as a symbolism of economic status. However, as the world gets more modernized, smoking has become more of recreation and for health reasons for some. Smoking can be the inhalation of smoke produced by the burning of specific herbs or plants, or the extract of different substances. Together with the modernization, the method on how people consume these herbs, plants, or extracts has improved.

Back then, methods of consumption include using herbs for tea, oral consumption or chewing, rolling the herbs in a piece of paper, or using a wooden pipe. Nowadays, many other methods emerged, such as vaporizing and the use of numerous types of pipes that are not only for usability but also for aesthetics.

Different Types of Glass Pipes

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are just one of the innovative and aesthetic types of pipes that people are now using for smoking, although there were some pieces of evidence that glass pipes are being used in the old times. Here are some of the common types of glass pipes and their uses:


These are cylindrical tube types of pipes that are closed off at the bottom and have a down stem intersection that angles upwards. This is, in fact, one of the most common types of glass pipes and despite its size and weight. This is because its size and design allows for large, smooth rips and is indeed durable. There are subtypes of bongs such as vortex elements, recyclers, and ash catchers.


Bubblers are very similar to bongs, although they are the much functional and less flashy versions of bongs. It is portable and provides smooth delivery; however, due to its reduced chamber size, it does not allow for large rips that you can get from bongs. Moreover, its intricate style and design make it harder to clean and may be challenging to fix when it gets broken.


This is probably the most classic type of glass pipe. If you are into a pleasingly looking glass pipe, then this may be the one for you. However, this is not one of the more popular options as its lack of water, and its short stem makes the hits harsher and hotter compared to other types of glass pipes. This pipe may look straightforward and simple; the usage may be a little bit tricky, especially for first-time users.


Perfect for discreet short hits, this small straight pipes can hold only a very limited amount of substance or extract – almost like a pinch.     Common users of these types of pipes are those who need to control their consumption, such as people with low tolerance or those who are just looking into having a couple of hits.


This pipe is the so-called improved version of the spoon pipe. Instead of having the carb on the side, you can locate the carb of steamrollers at the end of the tube. They also have larger chambers to allow larger and smoother hits.

Dab Rigs

If steam rollers are the better version of the spoon pipes, dab rigs are the ones for bubblers. Dab rigs have special pieces on the end, which is the most essential element of this pipe, the dabbing element.

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